A mirror of your soul...

...and beauty can be mirrored in every voice.

In the singing studio you develop your voice and techniques of singing in calm surroundings. With an espresso or a cup of green tea in your hand we go through the composition of the voice and train important steps for vocal development. Here you have the opportunity to get to know the most personal of all instruments - the voice.

Basic vocal knowledge is offered but also education in many genres. With access to an extensive music library it is easy to find songs in most styles. The lessons can be documented with video och sound recordings for guided evaluation or for studying at home.

Recorded accompaniment helps to make practise sessions between lessons efficient and enjoyable.


  • please inquire for prices
  • student discounts

About the singing lessons

  • individual education plan
  • education in all genres, individually or in smaller groups
  • sound and video recording (optional)
  • access to an extensive digitized music library

Programs (basic level)

  • Basic program for voice training - for beginners and "false beginners". The program enhances vocal stamina and agility
  • Ten songs - you prepare ande rehearse a number of songs in a genre of your choice which you want to learn more about

Further educational programs

  • Intonation - how to achieve a more accurate pitch
  • Relaxed singing - singing without straining yourself
  • Preparation for auditions - to academic courses, choirs or job opportunities